History WHERE WE
The company born as a spin off of Rolland group, which the first manufactory plant was founded in 1938 in the historic centre of Bologna. The initial activity was dedicated to fragrance creation, customized for top level and luxurious markets. The Rolland brand, in fact, is linked to an essential oil that was been bought in Grasse, worldwide leader in essence production.

< First activity location, in Bologna historic centre
The specialization in fragrances production is in continuous evolution and, in the meantime, the company decide to start the first italian esperimentations on hair spray production. In mid 50s the company expanded the production, specializing its skills to the professional sector of products for salon and hair dressers.

< Rolland advertising campain, 1949
Later on, strengthened by the acquired experience, the company built new structures specialized to the study and production of aesthetics professional lines products and, in 1969, a new building is founded, in order to provide more space to new production system. From this moment the group begins its expansion in terms of workforce and production.

< New manufactory plant
In 2004 Angela Laganà srl is founded and, adhering to the Eco-Bio philosophy, aims to interpret the emerging customer needs of always looking for new ideas and quality proposals. The division develops and care aspects of its tradition of quality, but at the same time looking towards innovation. The interpretation of "MADE IN ITALY" style is applied with creativity and originality to our products and communication.